Star Identification – PHYS1010

Part 1 : Star Identification

In this section I’ve been tasked with identifying 4 of the stars from the constellation Cignus the Swan (Northern Cross), and identifying some awesome information about each of the 4. I’ve also included a labeled (accordingly) photo. Please click to enlarge.

Cygnus the Swan

Cygnus the Swan


• Brightest star in constellation Cygnus (Northern Cross)..
• It is a blue-white supergiant.
• Deneb is one of the brightest or most luminous stars in the sky.
• It’s name is derived from the Arabic word for “Tail”.
• Approximate distance from earth is unknown. Estimates range from 2000 – 9000 light years


• Approximately 73 light years from earth
• It is an orange giant star.
• 3rd brightest in Cygnus only behind Deneb (1st) and Sadr (2nd).
• Name is derived from Arabic word for “The Wing”

Delta Cygni

• Also known as the “north star”.
• Is a triple star system
• Approximately 170 light years
• consists partially of blue-white giant, 180 times brighter than the sun.

Albireo (A & B)

• Approximately 430 light years away
• is a “double star” of both a yellow, and a blue star.
• One of the better double stars to observe, because of color and apparent magnitude.
• A & B constitute a binary star system (Revolving around a common center of mass).