Fermi’s Paradox & Possibilities PHYS 1010

Fermi’s paradox is best explained by looking at the relationship between the probability of UFO’s, and our limited, and lacking knowledge of said UFO’s. Fermi and I think the same thing. Surely, we can not be the only possible intelligent life in all the planets, solar systems, galaxies, and galaxy clusters.

The reason that this is a paradox is simply that it seems totally silly, and socially unacceptable that UFO’s, or intelligent life exist anywhere else in space. The law of probability makes a perfect argument that it’s not only possible, but very probable. Similar to in English an oxymoron, common paradoxes include the statements:

“I’m nobody” – well obviously you’re somebody.

Bittersweet – is it bitter or, is it sweet?

“What a pity that youth must be wasted on the young”.

While on the surface a paradox can seem simply witty and entertaining, they’re often complex statements that sum up an idea. A paradox is easily spoken, yet difficult to understand the true meaning of. While there’s many solutions to Formi’s paradox, possible, and some of the most interesting solutions include:

  1. We are they. Meaning we are the proof that intelligent life exists somewhere else in the galaxy when looked at the context of being somewhere else in the galaxy. Space X, and their venture to colonize Mars illustrates how this can become true. If you are born of Mars, wouldn’t you be extra-terrestrial by birth? Wouldn’t that mean that “We” are the UFO’s to an uninformed habitant of Mars?

  2. The Self-Imposed Quarantine is almost the opposite of the common “zoo hypothesis”. Looking from a far, ET’s might have decided that we are dangerous, or that they are dangerous and have decided to stay away from us. This would explain why we haven’t been so lucky as to find one.

  3. I really like the “Matrix” solution also. This is the idea that we haven’t encountered any other civilizations because we’re simply a computer simulation, or “game” being played by one of the advanced ET civilizations. This is becoming the not only the source of hit movies, but topic of conversation amongst educated people. It’s Apparent that we’re close to creating something “living” that we could play with. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

  4. One I also really think about myself is: What if we are simply the most advanced. What if the other intelligent life forms in our galaxy are not as technologically advanced as us. What if they are not as evolved as us? Suppose we are again the ET’s, and that in a few million years we will be the subject of study for them.