Fit For Life

FitnessTaking Fit For Life was an awesome choice. I learned a lot about what foods to avoid, how to exercise, and what causes different kinds of issue related to health, and fitness. I learned I’m not as out of shape as once though, and that the difference between being fit, and not isn’t defined by a six-pack, or the ability to run a 6 minute mile. It’s different for everyone, and this class has helped me embrace my own fitness, and the fitness of my family.

Applying this information to my life is simple, I’m eating better, exercising more, and making it a part of my daily routine to make choices that are better for me, and my health. I’ve learned about proper sleep, and this is something I’m really trying to implement, even with the work load that I have now.

healthy_plateI continue to exercise at 3-5 times a week building both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. I want to live long, see my kids, and grandkids grow, as well as be able to play and teach them along the way. This is the motivation I have for being healthy, and improving my fitness.

I think that this course was great, there wasn’t much improvement that I can think of. Candidly, the book was a little dry. We should find a book that is more fun, and current. Reading some of it, I thought that it was written by a little old man, who may have been a P.E. teacher circa 1960. I also think that by locking out parts of the course until closer to the due date would encourage equal effort all throughout the semester.

All in all, this was a great class, and I look forward to the changes that this course has instilled in me.